Department of Public Health


Public health dentistry is a holistic subject erected on the foundation of epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive dentistry, social sciences and health administration. This subject has pioneered the pragmatic thinking in oral health promotion. Comprehensive and incremental dental care has been the force behind affordable yet quality care among individual and target populations in the community. This subject has paved its way for the fundamentals of research and its applications in dentistry. The emphasis on outreach program to the unreachable population shows the concept of not only reducing oral disease but positive oral health among all. This department stands on the mantra of “ORAL HEALTH FOR ALL”. The department is catering a wide array of subjects for oral health promotion, preventive and therapeutic treatment of oral diseases in clinic as well as in community setting for people in the rural areas through various satellite centers and schools. The department prepares wholesome and complete students to deal with clinical as well as the community dental practice from pediatric to geriatric patients. Research is inculcated in students with various surveys and studies. Sense of obligation towards the community is aroused by rural postings, oral health camps, primary health centre’s, community health centers, satellite centers etc.

In clinic as well as in community tobacco counseling and oral health education is very much part of the day to day practice. In this department exposure to national health programs and planning is a part of the curriculum. An oral health museum for best understanding of oral health to people has been set up. All the national health days are observed for the benefit of student and people.