Finance Department

The Corporate accounting system has shifted from simple to integrated control systems based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). To perform these duties, highly trained professionals are required. These courses on financial management help to groom talents in the desired way so that the country never faces a dearth of trained individuals. Today's buzz words like stock markets, ERP, computerized accounting, Micro Financing, Financial Process Outsourcing (FPO), Hard Insurance and so on, are jingling not only the Indian but the whole Asian economy on a rampant basis. Job opportunities in the field of financial management are plenty. With the rise of the Indian economy, the Indian businesses are also rising. The main job of a finance expert is to help his company earn more, to make future financial plans, to handle the liquidity or to plan the acquisition of another company. The highest post that one can acquire within a company is that of the Chief Financial officer (CFO) or director (Finance). Financial management provides really good job opportunities abroad as well. International financing, including lending and borrowing provide a major area of action for such professionals. One can also find job opportunities in MNCs and even in multi-currency trading.