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About Vyas College of Nursing

Nursing is a systematic, deliberate caring process with individuals, families, and communities in promoting health, reducing risk, preventing disease, managing illness, and supporting clients in all phases of life. World Health Organization (WHO) places the role of nurses as very critical in lessening people's risk to various diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer and chronic respiratory diseases to diabetes. These diseases are economically important and account for a combined 60% of all deaths worldwide. The findings of the WHO report validate the important role of nurses not only in patient care in times of need but also in providing home based care. Nurses played a key role in the dramatic rise in global life expectancy in the 20th century and have continued to contribute enormously by providing a critical support in geriatric care, thus improving health conditions. Nursing education makes a substantial contribution to health-delivery systems in primary care, acute care and community care settings.

Over the years studies have shown that a more highly educated nursing workforce not only improves patient safety and quality of care but saves lives. Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. It includes the promotion of health, safe environment, prevention of illness, the care of ill, disabled and dying people, encouragement, research, patient & health system management, and education. The health care sector in India including Rajasthan State is having diverse challenges including Communicable diseases and Non-communicable Diseases Maternal and Infant Mortality and scarcity of skilled & trained Human Resource. Further, Global Health data shows that in India the density of nurses per thousand population is less than 2 and thus there is a strong need to increase the health workforce including nurses to counter the challenges.


To educate Nurses in an inter-professional environment to change lives, and provide proactive leadership to improve health outcomes, eliminate health disparities and uplift the nursing profession.


    - Providing evidenced based nursing education.
    - Developing, testing, and disseminating nursing knowledge.
    - Demonstrating excellence in nursing practice.
    - Sharing expertise and leadership through service to professional organisations and communities.
    - Promoting inter-professional team work competencies in collaborative education, practice and research.
    - Providing an environment for Nursing profession that is accountable, respectful, adaptive, and innovative.