Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affilated to R.T.U.,Kota and B.T.U.,Bikaner-Rajasthan



The ultimate goal of the institute is to equip students with first-class IT skills and help them prepare for careers in exciting fields such as computer engineering, application development, web development, IT consulting, systems integration, database design/administration, IT product management, IT product marketing, technical support, and more. For fulfilling this objective institute has been signed MOUs with Oracle, C-DAC, Spoken Tutorial Project (IIT B), San Jose State University California, & New Horizon Learning Center.

The global economy is a reality - as a technology leader, Oracle is a major player. With increased competition for jobs, the competitive bar is now raised for students preparing to enter the workforce. So the Institute is associated with Oracle as an Oracle Academy. This alliance with Oracle Academy program helps us fulfill our mission to enhance, support and promote the capabilities of our students. Being an oracle academy faculty members and students will get opportunities to learn technology and business skills required for 21st century careers. The certification programs running under this academy is designed in such a way that it is relevant, accessible and as easy as possible for students to implement.

Highlights of the program are :

  • Students can choose any one from many PG diploma courses offered by CDAC, & get qualities training in high end technologies at Jodhpur itself.
  • These course provided by C-DAC are approved by around 200 multinational companies.
  • Getting PG Diploma in any one if these courses along with B.Tech will give a leading edge over other graduating engineers and will enhance their Job prospects.

Students of Vyas Institutes can do these PG Diploma courses during their B.Tech & can take the advantage of quality training in high-end technologies to existing & prospective users of advanced computing. Today due to the lack of technical skills students after doing their B.Tech are still not getting jobs in multinational companies. Doing these PG Diploma courses along with B.Tech will enhance their technical skills and better job prospects.

This association will benefit engineering students tremendously and they will be part of International Level of engineering competence. As a part of association 25 Engineering Students will get an opportunity to undergo Summer Training at SJSU, California, USA.

Other Salient Features of the association are:
  • This association will enhance the status of quality education being imparted at the campus. Now it is possible for the students of Vyas Engineering to go for short term visit at SJSU and Silicon Valley.
  • Vyas Engineering students will get the opportunity to visit various industries located in Silicon Valley.
  • Vyas Engineering students can explore/do collaborative research in areas of mutual interest.
  • Students can publish articles in International Journal of Engineering & Management with reviewers and members of editorial board from both sides.

Vyas Institutes of Higher Education has entered into partnership with New Horizons (I) Ltd., a joint venture of New Horizons Worldwide, Inc USA . (NASDAQ: NEWH) and the Shriram group. In accordance with this partnership Microsoft IT Academy has been established at VIHE. Many certification based programs in line with Industry requirements, as well as Soft Skill Programs to improve presentation skills of the students will be conducted by certified instructors inside the college campus, and the Advance topics will be handled by Master Trainers on the VSAT from New Horizon's Delhi studios. Every Year an International Study tour will be conducted. The first study tour was conducted at New Horizon's Malaysia center and 40 students of VIHE got an opportunity to get trained in CCNA and other emerging technologies at Malaysia.

VYAS INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (VIET) has been confirmed as RESOURCE (Robust Extensions for Spoken Tutorial project on Open Source Software Usage for Recruitment, Community and Education) Center for promoting the the "Talk to a Teacher" project of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, launched by MHRD, Govt of India. It contributes towards IT literacy and awareness to become a RESOURCE Center. A RESOURCE Center can conduct remote SELF workshops in its college, for other colleges and can also train other colleges and schools in conducting Spoken Tutorial SELF workshops. It can identify SELF Workshop Organizers and Managers in schools and colleges, in its respective state. A RESOURCE Center can create a team of students and faculty members from the respective colleges to provide support to other schools and colleges for conducting SELF workshops. In this way, the project can be spread and awareness created in the entire state. for more details Click Here