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Medical Departments

Medical Departments

Medical Departments
Anatomy is the study of various structures and their relations in the body knowledge of human anatomy is the foundation stone for the BDS course. It gives an idea about the arrangement of structure in the body. Its development microscopic features as well its clinical importance.

Physiology deals with the function of human body. It tries to explain the specific characteristics and mechanisms of the human body that make it a living being. Without the knowledge of this subject various intricate and complexities of human body cannot be understood during physiological and pathological condition.

Bio-Chemistry deals with the chemical language of life modern day medical practice is highly dependent on the laboratory analysis of body fluids especially the blood. Biochemical analysis gives the scientific basis of the disease which is useful for its treatment and prognosis.

Pharmacology is the branch of medical science which deals with different aspects related to drugs. Knowledge of pharmacology ensures safe. Judicious and rationale use of drugs. Pharmacology is the sheet anchor of career of the students for future vocational capabilities of future dentists.

General Pathology is the study of what and why of abnormalities of structure and functions of human body. It deals with scientific understanding of genesis of diseases and its related structural changes. In this histopathology remains a very important diagnostic aspect and final diagnosis is made only on the basis of histopathological reports and the patients are treated accordingly.

Microbiology helps in identification of pathogens. Micro-organisms and other parasites which are responsible for diseases. Microbiology also gives a valuable guidance that to which type of antibiotics the organisms responsible for disease will respond.

General Medicine prepares students to face and treat emergencies arising during dental procedures and makes them capable of treating common diseases and ailments.

General Surgery The students diagnose the various medical problems and may refer the case for further investigations and treatment to general hospital.